Wild Republic

Wild Republic

Soft toy animals that look like real animals

We offer animals, birds, reptiles, aquatic animals and insects from Wild Republic, a toy manufacturer with almost 45 years of experience in animal making. The selection includes more than a thousand representatives of the animal kingdom of the world. All toys are made as similar as possible to the real animals and are truly beautiful and cute. Truly close to nature toys teach children the beauty and wonders of nature, and they perceive how masterfully and beautifully everything in nature is in harmony. The manufacturer has also been recognized for his hard work by such famous admirers of nature as: Audubon, National Geographic, The Natural History Museum and RSPB.

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Holding a plush toy that resembles a real animal as much as possible, the child will develop respect and desire to protect and preserve nature for future generations. A toy animal is a very good opportunity to understand and perceive nature!


When you are planning to take a step closer to nature and make your day, shop, kindergarten, home or any other nice place brighter and bring a piece of nature there, then the true-to-life toy animals we offer are perfect for this. With representatives of the animal kingdom similar to real animals, you can create your very own oasis or resting place to relax.

For bulk buyers, we have compiled a wholesale price list.
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Some good ideas that might be helpful. We have divided our animals into:

  • Tropical birds – with them you can design a very exotic jungle corner, the birds are colorful and gorgeous.
  • Endangered animals – these are species that are no longer very numerous and have been taken under protection. For example: crocodile, rhinoceros, snow leopard, elephant, seal…
  • Aquatic animals – this includes fish, jellyfish, octopuses and other nice aquatic inhabitants.
  • Animals of Africa – lions, giraffes, zebras and other magnificent animals.
  • Dinosaurs – this is an ancient and always fascinating theme, and these large and mighty animals have also been made into very cute and cuddly plush animals