For active play for both small and big

Waboba is made to inspire active play and bring people together! When you have a Waboba then you can be sure that you will Keep Life Fun. Are you playing enough? Kids and adults should play Waboba at least once a day to experience an improvement in mood and general well-being.

We want you to play as long as possible. Our products are made with durable, high quality materials. Not to mention we make sure they are easy to travel with so you’re ready to play Waboba whenever and wherever!

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In Waboba selection are super high bouncing balls, water bouncing balls, big feather to throw in the air, silicon flying frisbee and other outdoor games. All the Waboba items are innovative, stylish, and super fun products that change the way you play. Waboba helps you play year-round. We have you covered from the street to the backyard to the beach!

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