GeoSmart Magnetic Constructor

GeoSmart Magnetic Constructors

GeoSmart is an exciting new way to play with magnets

GeoSmard magnets are attached to plastic with a double security system. The details are brightly colored and there are many different elements to choose from. The constructor combines unsurpassed safety and durability to ensure maximum gaming fun.
The GeoSmart magnetic constructor is suitable for gaming from the age of 5. The stainless steel case securely covers magnets locked in plastic. This new patented locking system makes the game with magnets safe, the constructor strong and more durable. GeoSmart magnets are designed to last and are easy to clean.

GeoSmart sets come with 6 different geometric shapes and 9 bright colors

Using an equilateral or isosceles triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus or trapezoid, you can create endless shapes and forms. Build whatever comes to mind. You can simply use shapes or take in wheels, lights or remote control – this adds playfulness.

GeoSmart exciting extras

  • Turntable: to give mobility to the building. It is easy to put the inverse base on a magnetic square.
  • Wheels: Use imagination to create 4-and-and-a-6-wheel vehicles..
  • Crawlers: build trucks with crawlers!
  • Connections: Build trailers that you can easily connect to your vehicles.
  • LED lights: Hit your building shine, with one of the 6 LED color lights. The panels are easy to attach to magnetic squares.
  • Remote control: Drive around with your machine or make the building rotate automatically.

GeoSmard has a nice educational value, it is good to learn and experience with the constructor

  • Spatial perception: creating 3D forms
  • Hand and eye coordination: both hands are used for construction
  • Focus and logical thinking: to create stable buildings
  • Creativity: to build new forms over and over again or by creating structures and machines that have been seen in real life
  • STEM: Learning about all 6 different geometric shapes and getting to know how to best use them

It’s a clever joy of discovery with magnets! Children can now safely get acquainted with the world of magnets. There are endless possibilities for playing with magnets, and this stimulates the imagination.
With magnets, kids can discover the magic of magnetism. As they play, kids learn to build bigger and more imaginative buildings. All details are 100% compatible with other GeoSmart kits and other analog magnetic constructors. From them you can build gorgeous colorful fantasy cities or any other exciting forms. Thanks to magnets, the constructor serves as a “magic game”.

GEOSMART ® – the parts comply with ASTM, EN71 and CE security standards. GeoSmart magnets are sfe!
WARNING! Magnets are always kept away from sensitive devices such as a bank card, computer, magnetic and medical devices. Store in a dry place.
The game develops: eye and hand cordination, logical thinking, 2D and 3D recognition, collaboration, counting, fantasy and creativity.

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