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Kinetic Sand               
Bounceson water           
Switch a Rooz               
two in one                  
Leonardo da Vinci Kits  
Magic Collection
Wild Republic               
Stuffed Animals             
Suction Cup                   
Construction Sets           
Dig out
the dinosaurs
Jumping Animal

About Us

We are a children’s toys wholesale Group and our purpose is to enhance each and every toy stores range of selection. Our target is Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Finnish integrated toy market. We are logistically well situated office and stock in north-east Europe.
Due to our vital and youthful educated team we have been successful and fast growing company. Choose our assortment of Toys, because we value the quality and the joy it brings to children in play and their reaction. We truly believe that we can turn children’s "work" into something much more fascinating and interesting. The children in all around the world are alike, and therefore appreciate similar things.
All the toy stores who aren´t in our list - you are warmly welcomed to become our toys reseller.
If your company is producing excellent toys we are happy to become your customer.

Our team is opened to any proposals and ideas. We are flexible and interested about the negotiations and welfare of all concerned parties.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.



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